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With a fascination for capturing Beauty in the moments of life, I began shooting extensively through my early years, with the aim of making Photography my profession.

As a student of the Bachelors of Mass Media (B.M.M.) course in college, I was fortunate to have photography as a subject, where I refined my technical knowledge of the Art.

On graduation, for about a year and a half,  I assisted a few renowned photographers, namely Tejal Patni, Amit Ashar, Joy Datta and Palash Bose, through whom I have learnt and witnessed various styles and forms of photography.

Since 2007, I have been independently pursuing my career.

Having done publicity stills for films and fashion and corporate images for magazines and agencies, I continue to create images that stimulate emotion.


Winner of the 2015 'Frame the Star' photography competition organised by Mercedes Benz and Overdrive along with Better Photography Magazine.




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